Self Care units have a kitchen & lounge area, and we currently offer:

  • 4 studio/bedsitter units with ensuite;
  • 30 one-bedroom units with ensuite;
  • 15 two-bedroom units & three 1½ bed with 2 bathrooms;
  • 2 three-bed/3 bath with garden courtyard or 3 balconies.

They are located at 36 Douglas Avenue Chatswood – 15 town houses each with their own garden, and a separate 8 floor tower building of 40 units, each unit having 1 or more balconies overlooking Muston Park and Scott’s Creek.

Recurrent fees are used towards operating expenses of the Village including maintenance, cleaning of common areas, buildings, gardens, water rates, communal laundries, security lighting and our Hostel emergency assistance call buttons for each unit.

Recurrent fees for the studio and one bedroom units attract rental assistance from Centrelink, added to your pension, and which reduces recurrent fees by nearly half – to approximately $110 per week. Two and three bedroom units do not qualify for rental assistance.

Self Care entry prices