Within our Village, we have a Hostel comprised of studio accommodation, each with a large bathroom and balcony, located at 1 Warrah Street Chatswood adjacent to the Self Care units at 36 Douglas Street Chatswood.

Willoughby-Village_IMG_7995-smlThe Hostel is a 4 storey building overlooking Muston Park and Scott’s Creek. The Dining Room is located on the first floor, with large sitting rooms on each floor accessible by 2 elevators.

All village and hostel units are fitted with smoke detectors connected directly to the NSW Fire Brigade. The Hostel is fitted with a fire sprinkler system.

Entry to the Hostel or Outreach is in accordance with the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997. The Hostel has the maximum 3 year accreditation. Current Commonwealth Government policy guidelines require placement on medical assessment and ‘needs’ basis.

Should a Self Care Resident be accepted for transfer to the Hostel or the Outreach program, the balance of entry contribution may be transferred towards the hostel or outreach accommodation payment.

Hostel Entry Prices

Daily Resident fees for low level care are determined by the Commonwealth which notifies the Hostel regarding the means tested subsidy reduction for Residents and the fee which the Village may charge.

Contact us for current daily fees