WRCA offers a variety of affordable accommodation to seniors in the Willoughby community who require either independent living or assisted care with daily living.

Brochure-scrnshotInformed decisions are best made from correct and up to date information.

Here are some excerpts:

Independent Living

All units are self-contained premises and have level access. If you become a resident a “Residential Premises Condition Report” is agreed between you and the village management. Each townhouse has a garden patio area. The tower apartments have one or more balconies with views of Willoughby, Muston Park or…”

Entry contribution – Studio / one-bedroom unit

Entry contributions for studios and one-bedroom units are priced at the extra allowable pension limit to permit government rent assistance to pensioners. 10% of the contribution is required on signing the contract and the balance payable on…”

Our Village Brochure provides key information for you:

  • Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Report of the Directors
  • Financial Statements
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Privacy Statement
  • Independent Living (Self Care);
  • Assisted Care (Hostel/Outreach);
  • Fees;
  • Safety, Policies and Insurance
  • etc

A free copy can easily be mailed to you.

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