All admissions are made on a “needs” basis requiring assessment in accordance with the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997.  Units are allocated by WRCA’s Allocations Committee and a contract is agreed.  WRCA’s maximum accommodation payment for hostel or outreach studio units is $550,000 payable by refundable lump sum within 6 months of entry date.  To avoid prescribed interest payments from date of entry, 10% of the lump sum may be paid upon entry and the balance within 3 months of entry.  Alternatively, or in combination with a lump sum, daily interest is payable each 28 days at the prescribed rate.

Only amounts that are permitted by the Aged Care Act or as agreed with you in writing are deducted from the lump sum and on leaving our care, the balance is refunded to you.

A proportion of units are reserved for concessional applicants who are not required to make an accommodation payment.

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Larger units are also available for Outreach residents with accommodation payments of $550,000 and for couples $1.1 million, including joint refundable deposits /entry contributions for two people sharing a two bedroom apartment or with different health care needs.

Assessment by ACAT (local hospital’s Aged Care Assessment Team) is required to the Hostel or the Outreach program…more