The Willoughby Retirement Community Association is the founder, land owner and manager of the Village. It is a company limited by guarantee.

The Village came into being (1971) as a result of the Association’s objective “to establish and maintain housing for the accommodation, care and welfare of the elderly within the municipality” of Willoughby (now City). The Association operates through a Board of Management.

All units have been previously occupied. The units are not sold but licensed by contract.

The Village operates a waiting list but no listing fee is charged to prospective Residents. Regular lists of available units are posted to prospective Residents setting out the identity and condition of the unit, the number of bedrooms, the entry fee and the total contract amount.

A copy of the Association’s Constitution is also supplied. A copy of the Village Rules and the Hostel Residents’ Charter are included in the contract documents.

The Village aims to offer a friendly environment and access is provided to the Office Secretary each week day and to the Chief Executive Officer and Hostel Director of Resident Care on a frequent basis. The Chairman is a regular visitor to the Village and issues or concerns are addressed promptly.

Families and friends of our residents appreciate WRCA’s caring environment – we have celebrated in our hostel the birthdays of three centenarians who originally joined our self-care village 20 years previously.